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Shipping & Returns

What does my Order Status mean?

Pending - Orders are accepted once payment has been received, when an order is pending the payment has yet to be taken.
Processing - Payment has been received and the order is being packed.
Delivered - Your order has been delivered.
Partially Delivered - Your order has been sent, although some items may follow at a later date.

Where can I find more Information on Delivery Services?

The majority of our orders are shipped by Fedex, larger orders may be shipped by courier - in which case we will contact you to arrange delivery. To track your package please visit their web site

I've received the Shipped notification but haven't had my package?

Please check the Fedex website for more information on delivery times. If that time has expired, please contact your local sorting office to see if they have any undelivered mail for you. We've learnt from experience that delivery people do not always leave a notice if they cannot deliver. If the tracking number does not help you then please contact us.

I'm not happy with my order, how do I Return it?

You can send it back to us at the following address:
Red Tower Regalia, PO Box 11634, Alexandria, VA, 22312, USA

Why do I have to pay a Restocking fee?

Restocking fees are applied to non-faulty items that have been returned. The fee is charged to cover the administration and storage costs of processing the return. By keeping our costs low we can then pass the savings onto you the customer, and in turn we can offer competitive pricing on our products.

What does Partially Shipped mean?

Some of the items ordered either are on backorder or need extra time to process for shipment. When an item is backordered or needs extra time to process, we reserve the right to ship via alternative methods than specified in the order to compensate for the additional shipment(s). All shipments will have tracking and either use Fedex or USPS.
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